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Expressionist paintings by Nick Lepardhttp://plastolux.com/expressionist-paintings-nick-lepard.html

Love the colours and texture of the strokes.


Expressionist paintings by Nick Lepard

Love the colours and texture of the strokes.

(via plastolux)

Professional Practice Of Illustration Evaluation

For the last project of second year the focus was us and the promotion of our own work. We were asked to create a digital portfolio as well as other self promotional tools such as a logo and business card. For my portfolio I chose to use Behance as I already had an account and therefore knew work my way around it, i also think it is the best online portfolio hosting site  around at the moment for all creative disciplines. From the body of work I have created both in university and out, I decided on a few pieces including my photography as I felt it deserved to go on as it is a part of who am creatively. The work was then split across six ‘projects’, three illustration and three photography each with their own title. For my artist statement I kept it very short, simply stating that I am a graphic design student and what medias I like to work in, as I didn’t feel I had a lot to say. Now however I feel perhaps it is too short and I need to add a bit more about me and maybe some of my influences. I would also like to be able add more projects throughout the year that I can say i am proud of. 

After putting my portfolio together I concentrated on creating a logo for myself. I started off by sketching some ideas, then from there I replicated my favourite ideas that I thought had the most potential in Illustrator. most of my ideas were based on my name, specifically my initials, and how I could represent it without using text. The colours of yellow,red and blue come form my interest in the Bauhaus movement, as well as the geometric shapes. The idea behind the triangle, circle and square were they represented the three areas I like to work in; illustration, design and photography as well as the three letters in my first name. But I decided it was just to abstract and impersonal. This idea and reasoning was the same for the three lines. Then the other ideas I think are fairly obvious, and finally the idea I did choose, the three triangles. This is something I have done since childhood as it spells AVA in the simplest form as well as in geometric shapes, which I have a soft spot for. I felt that this logo was bold enough to stand out as well being clever as it does spell name but without being to obvious. For now it will do, but I believe it will change over time as my work and creative personality grows. 

Then with this logo I mocked up my business card. After researching other creatives business cards I decided I wanted to keep it very simple and minimal, logo on one side, and only necessary information on the other. With this in mind I began creating my business card in photoshop using a business card template and my logo and text, which I put together in a separate photoshop file and dragged in. For the text I used Futura as it is my favourite type, it’s simple and to me very pretty. I also decided that the only necessary information that people need to know is  what I do - ILLUSTRATION | DESIGN | PHOTOGRAPHY, where they can find me - tumblr address and how to contact me - email address. The only colours I used are from the logo - the three lines that separate the text and black - the text. Overall I like my business card, I like its simplicity and minimal approach, as I feel it represents me and my work well as this is something I also try to achieve with my work. 

For the other part of the project, the A3 illustration for Do Something Different and a Recipe For Disaster zine, I unfortunately did not do as well as I would want. This is down to the fact that I did not begin when I should have, I didn’t have any idea of what to do and I didn’t attend uni which lead to me falling behind to the point that I would have to resubmit this entire project. Which when resubmission time came around I stupidly again left to the last minute. However the ideas did come to me, although with little time left I couldn’t execute them the way I would have liked to. My initial idea was to design a DIY paper pinhole camera that could be cut out and made from the A3 illustration - this would act as the doing something different. Then for the zine I chose the theme of either Pinholes or Long Light And Short Memories so as to link it with the Do Something Different A3 illustration. However, with the time I did have I had to combine the zine and A3 illustration together using the theme of Long Light And Short Memories and my own original photographs. The A3 zine has photographs on one side but when folded it becomes two sides, and the illustration of film (the make and model I used to take the photographs) on the other which when folded becomes the inside. Although I have designed the idea I could only print an A4 mock up as I didn’t have the funds or the access to an A3 printer in time for hand-in. Overall, I do like the design but if I was able to print it at A3 and a high-quality print think it would be even better (obviously) and it meet both criteria. 

In conclusion, I like some of the stuff I managed to do for this last brief, but I am not happy with my overall performance and I need to do much better if I want to achieve what I want to achieve in university and after.

Do Something Different A3 and Long Lenses zine combined into one final piece. The zine is an A3 when unfolded like above with the photographs and title page on onside and the illustration on the other which essentially becomes the middle of a zine when folded. The zine is folded into an accordion shape, created by folding the paper down the middle length ways then folded another two times and made into a concertina. So now the images are on both sides with the image in the middle. 

Professional Contexts 2 Print/Motion Evaluation

Professional Contexts began with the print module the aim, to produce a body of prints. We were given a list of themes to start off with, these included; face/emotion, body, memory, place and object. I began in this order, as well as drawing a few things that didn’t fit those categories such as some of my favourite directors and a double page of sketches of my dog.

Whilst talking to Rob about the work I had produced and what would work as a print he thought my Happy and Sad Faces would be best especially seen as they are in a pair and would of course complement each other well. To show me how they might look he printed off some high quality laser jet prints and I really liked how they turned out, so my plan became to print the  Happy and Sad Faces in either screen print or riso-print, a new process we had been during the project at Islington Mill by Savwo/John Powell Jones. 

Unfortunately I never got around to finishing or even beginning my prints before it was time to move on the the next module, and by then they just slipped my mind. So now, at resubmission time, with no access to a print room or laser printer - or money to pay for any of these resources, I have had to make do with showing mock ups on my Tumblr and printing the highest quality ink jet prints on high quality paper. 

If I was to begin the print module again, I would have organised myself better and as soon as I knew what I was going to be printing I would have got myself into the print room and printed as many pieces as i could to ensure that I was giving in my best work possible. Organising myself and speed are the two things I am going to have to work very hard on for my final year. 

For my second module I chose Motion, as I have a keen interest in animation and film and wanted to learn more about its process and what tools and programmes one had to use. There were two briefs for this module, I chose the game brief as I thought it had more potential to be fun. For this brief the task was to create a game based on Homelessness (but be light hearted) and to take the format of Donkey Kong for Hidden Voices, a community art project in Wigan who work with several homeless groups.

The first thing I did during the first session was think about what style of game I wanted to create, my choice was a pixel style game but with a modern feel. I then thought of a rough treatment (an ins and outs of how the game would work and what the player had to do). 

Then when I got home I decided that I should research homelessness and its causes so I could better inform what featured in my game to make it more authentic. After finding a few things out from the research I decided to add things like; alcohol/drugs, fighting and criminal activity to my game as well as hot drinks, money, food, companionship a home and education. These elements would form the good and the bad objects that the player must either collect or avoid during the game. For the game instructions please click here

Originally we had been set the task of creating our games in FinalCutPro but I couldn’t get to grips with it on the first lesson. Then unfortunately (and completely my fault) I missed the rest of the sessions therefor ended up creating my game completely using photoshop, from creating the elements to putting the animated level together. 

Overall I am happy with what created with the time I gave myself and I really like the finished assists from the game screens to the levels as well as the posters. I think the game works well and more than meets the criteria set by the Hidden Voices project, it illustrates homelessness amongst young people and how easy the trappings of that life can be, as well as staying light hearted, inoffensive and fun. 

If I were to begin the motion module again I would make much more of an effort to get myself in and learn as much as I could from the sessions as that is what they are there for. As I have said I am happy with what I produced though I think I could improve it in a few ways. The first being the animation being an actual video instead of a GIF as I didn’t know how to make save an animation in Photoshop as a video. I would also add sound effects and music as well as beginning the animation at the start screen and showing all the screens that the player would have to go through to get to the game. Another little addition I would make is to get the posters printed just as something extra and because I do like the designs. 

Again like I said with the print module it is organisation and speed that I really need to work on across the board as well as learning to juggle more than one project at a time. 

Mock ups of my Happy and Sad prints for the Pro Con Print module  

Business card mock up with logo on one side and text on the other detailing what I do, where you can find my work and how to contact me.
Please click on image for full resolution. 

Business card mock up with logo on one side and text on the other detailing what I do, where you can find my work and how to contact me.

Please click on image for full resolution. 


RIP Robin Williams, illustration by Jean Jullien, read the related article here.


RIP Robin Williams, illustration by Jean Jullien, read the related article here.

(via newsofthetimes)

Help Me Home (Final) Treatment

Help Me Home is a vertical platform game that is played over two levels varying in difficulty. The theme being that of a young homeless persons struggle to get off the streets, but created with a light hearted feel as not to offend.

The aim of the game is simple, for the player to get their character from the bottom of the level to the top where the characters new home awaits. In both levels the player has the same task of collecting as many good items as possible, such as; food, a hot drink, money and company (in the form of a dog). These good items are dotted around the level, The bad items will drop from the top of the screen to the bottom similar to Tetris pieces. The bad items include; drugs, alcohol, crime and fighting, if a players character does get hit they will lose a life as well as time being added on, if the player loses all three lives it’s game over and they must start again.

The player is not only aiming to collect as many good items as possible, they are also aiming to complete each level with as many lives left as possible as well as the quickest time, not dissimilar to how Sonic is played. The player with the most items collected, most lives left and quickest time will be invited to enter their name on to the Highest Score screen. 

Level two differs slightly from Level 1 in a few ways. The first being a higher difficulty, this is achieved by the bad items falling faster and more frequently as well as the player having to get their character from their new home which is now at the bottom to the top to the educational centre (chosen instead of job because of the youth element) and back down again to home  still avoiding the societal trappings of the homeless life (bad items).

I have tried to make my game levels highlight the process of a young person getting back on their feet and off the streets, so first comes the housing: Level 1. Then education and support: Level 2. This has been informed by my research on homelessness and its causes.

My Level 1 mock up using (many) layers in Photoshop.

My Level 1 mock up using (many) layers in Photoshop.

Originally the move up for animated mock up was going to include all the screens; start screen, choose player, enter name, controls, level 1, highest score. But as I am pushed for time I am going to concentrate on animating level 1.

After looking back at the work I have created for my game I have noticed I haven’t thought about a transition screen for between the levels. It will either be a blackout screen or a screen with the time they completed it in as well as items they collected like on Sonic. 

These are my final poster designs inspired by the minimalist style. I have used three images that link to the game but don’t give anything away. The type for the game title is the same as the type in the game, as well as the colour scheme being the same. I think that they work well being in a series, as it sparks more of an interest because it gives a little more away and makes people hopefully wonder what these images could all mean when together, especially with an ominous title like ’ Help Me Home’. One of these posters alone would not create this.